Welcome at Madonna postcards

Hi there,

Welcome at my site, my full collection of Madonna postcards!
I collect these cards for many years now.
I tried to categorize them as good as I could.
My daughter Sanne is helping me making updates on a regular base.
If you click on a postcard, you will find the reverse of the card! If the reverse is blanco, it shows the front.
Sometimes a card has the same front, but a (slightly) different back.
I collect them all!
There is a section ‘Icon photos’ I am proud to show you. They are hard to find these days.
They where given away to members with an Icon membership .
Last but not least, my friend Florence from France, also collects Madonna postcards.
Here is a link to her site : Click here.
Thank you for looking and have a good day!

Anna S.
The Netherlands