Welcome at Madonna postcards

Please have a look at my Madonna postcard collection.
I collect these cards for many years now.
I tried to categorize them as good as I could.
At the last update I count 2500+ different postcards.
My daughter Sanne helped me a great lot and still does, making updates on a regular base.
See the message down below about the updates.
If you click on a postcard, you will find the reverse of the card!
Sometimes a card has the same front, but a (slightly) different back.
I collect them all!
As for independents, I only buy those I really like, because there are (too) many going around these day’s.
There is a section ‘Icon photos’ I am proud to show you. They are hard to find these days.
They where given away to members with an Icon membership .
I got many double cards as well, they are for sale.
Please inform for prices.
You will not find the back of these cards, because you can look them up at this site !
If you are interested in a card and you got something to trade, please let me know!
Thank you for looking and have a good day!

Anna Stella
The Netherlands

For contact, questions or remarks, please click at the left bar of the site. 🙂
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Update 03/08/2017
Chinese cards
Art Cards – Jihel, Jacques Lardie
Art Cards – Madonna in Art artists
Art Cards – Redbubble artists